Whole Foods Grocery Haul

While def not being the most wallet friendly, Whole Foods is one of the best grocery stores you can go to if you’re looking for organic, non-GMO and overall healthier products. However, I’m well aware that not everyone can always afford the higher price tags (myself included) so I’ve rounded up a list of the products I find there that, in my opinion, are worth the extra money. The products I’ve listed are only found at Whole Foods or other select natural food stores (to my knowledge). I’ll be writing up a separate general grocery list post with all the different brands and foods I buy and what stores carry them…stay tuned for that!!

FYI: I didn’t include any produce because I think we all know that they have the most organic options to choose from in that department. But, like I said before, their prices aren’t the most budget friendly and now most grocery stores actually have a decent amount of organic options (YAY!!). So, if you want to try and eat more organic produce but want to keep your grocery budget in the green, I’d recommend going to Trader Joe’s, Shaws, Hannaford’s, etc and seeing what they have available first!


Vital Farms Organic Free Range Eggs: Pasture raised organic eggs that are raised on small family farms throughout the country. These eggs are the best in my opinion!

Dave’s Killer Organic Bagels/Bread: Organic, made with whole grains and have a decent amount of protein per serving, this bread is also hearty and delicious. Their everything bagels, classic english muffins and powerseed bread are our family favs but you can’t go wrong with any of their products. They also have burger buns that are great!!

Wallaby Organic Whole Milk Greek style yogurt: When it comes to dairy, whole organic milk is a non negotiable for me. The flavored varieties have too much sugar for me so I still stick to the plain organic whole milk greek style with frozen berries and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.


One Mighty Mills wraps: I love this company for multiple reasons. One being they’re a local MA company and two being they stone grind their organic wheat to make their breads which aids in preserving the quality and nutrition in the flour. As they grow, their committed to building more stone mills throughout the US and, if thats not enough to love them, their products are absolutely delish!! Emmy and I love their tortillas for sandwiches but they also have bagels, pretzels and flour. AND, if you’re a local MA resident, they have a cafe located in Lynn! I haven’t made my way there yet but you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be making a trip at some point!

Whole Catch Salmon Burgers: Made with wild caught salmon, these frozen burgers are awesome for a quick protein packed lunch!


Rhythmn Superfoods Organic Bites: if you have picky eaters at home who refuse to eat vegetables, these are for you. Made from pressurized vegetables, these literally taste like chips. They’re V pricey though and TBH you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of quantity so I only buy them on occasion. Emmy’s fav is the sea salt and cheddar cauliflower and mine is the buffalo cauliflower and everything but the bagel broccoli. They also have some fruit versions as well that i’ve never tried but i bet they’re delish!

Lesser Evil Veggie Straws: move over veggie sticks made with non-organic canola and safflower oil, these gems are made with 7 organic veggies + organic olive oil and are absolutely to die for! Other Lesser Evil snacks me and Emmy enjoy are the “no cheese” cheesiness power curls and the Himalayan pink salt paleo puffs. I also can devour a bag of their popcorn in one sitting, no shame!!!

Serenity Kids pouches: Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with this company. Their pouches are made from pasture raised meats, wild sustainably caught salmon, organic vegetables + organic olive and avocado oil. Every pouch has a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates to help develop your babies brains and bodies. I have been giving these to Emmy since she was 6 months old and although we get some strange looks on the playground every now and again when she sucks down pureed salmon, i know she’s getting a nutrient dense snack that not only provides her the macro and micro nutrients she deserves but also help to develop her pallet for more savory and diverse flavors rather than the traditional sugary pouches you see more often.

Chomps Beef Sticks: these are another staple in our house for a high quality protein snack. Made from grass fed, free range and sustainably sourced protein with no added sugar or harmful ingredients, these sticks are the slim jim upgrade that will keep you full with 9-10g of protein per serving. The original turkey and jalapeno beef are my two favs (These are also sold at TJ’s too!)

BHU Keto Protein Bars: I’m not a fan of most protein bars as they’re typically not composed of the best ingredients and can have more sugar in them than a candy bar. These are organic, made with no artificial ingredients and have a decent amount of fat, protein and fiber. They’re great for a quick snack on the go! My fav flavors are cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate chip. I’ve also heard their cookie dough in a jar is delish but i haven’t tried it yet!

GoodPop: I usually like to make my own pops for Emmy but when I don’t this is the only brand I’ll give her. Made with real organic ingredients and no harmful artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or refined sugars. It’s a treat you can feel good about giving your kiddos. Emmy loves the strawberry shortcake and the freezer pops!


Capello’s Pizza crust: Finally a frozen pizza crust you can feel good about eating and feeding your kids! These pizzas crusts are grain free, soy free and gluten free and made from simple ingredients like almond flour, coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

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