Springtime Wellness Tips to get you out of the Winter rut!

Yay, it’s finally spring!! The long, cold, dark winter is behind us and we’re ready for some warmth and sunshine….bring on that Vitamin D! Although here in Rochester, some days still very much feel like winter (it snowed this past weekend, WHAT!), you can still taste the spring fever with the longer days and visions of grilling up your favorite dinners, sipping cock(mock)tails on your deck and seeing all the plants, trees and flowers blossom, it’s a rejuvenating season and I’m HERE. FOR. IT!

After the many months of hibernation however, many of us tend to fall into winter ruts…going in and out of work without a glimpse of sunshine can be daunting and for those who don’t enjoy winter sports it can be a very boring and mundane time of year. I know I definitely had my days this past winter where I thought the cold, snow and darkness would never come to an end and let me tell ya, it brought your girls mood DOWN. But, guys…it’s behind us, we made it, we’re here and we’re thriving! Let’s take this springtime vibe to another level with these easy peasy wellness tips to make this THE BEST SPRING EVER!

1. Get outside: We’ve been indoors for SO LONG, take advantage of these few precious months and go outside as much as possible! Go for a walk or a run after work rather than going to the gym; sign up for a kickball, baseball, etc rec team in your town; take your dog, cat, hamster, lizard whatever you may have, for a walk! I guarantee your mood will instantly boost if you take some time to enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze and all those springtime smells!

2. Freshen up your diet: Spring is the perfect time to revamp your diet and add in some of those delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables. Asparagus, leafy greens, strawberries, peas, etc. are all in season now. With farmers markets starting to open, it’s easy to grab some familiar and unfamiliar local produce and test out some new flavors and recipes! Also, it’s GRILLING SEASON you guys!! Call me simple, but something about firing up the ol’ grill makes me giddy with excitement. It’s oh so easy to whip up an entire healthy, fulfilling meal on the grill and it makes for an extra easy clean up…WIN, WIN!

3. Try something new: Spring is the season for growth and renewal which makes it the perfect time to try something new! Engaging in new activities boosts your motivation, morale and gives you the opportunity to meet new friends. Whether it be going to a new workout class you’ve never tried, signing up for a seasonal eats cooking class, or even just walking around an area of your city/town you’re not too familiar with, get out there and explore the world around you!

4. Buy yourself some flowers: This may only be for the ladies out there but there’s something about a fresh, bright bouquet of flowers in your home that instantly brightens your mood. Peonies, hydrangeas and my personal fav, tulips are some of the flowers that are in season so, go ahead and TREAT YO-SELF!

5. Spring clean: I know this one sounds super cliche but hey, it’s true! Revamp your closet by weaning through all those bulky sweaters and voila…you have more space to go shopping for cute spring outfits! Marie Kondo your life and bring the JOY in! It’s also the perfect time to hit up your local Hobby Lobby, Target and HomeGoods and find some festive spring home decor, what a time to be alive!!
Anyone else have any springtime tips? I’d love to hear them!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!