My training approach

When many people hear the words, “wellness”, “fitness”, “exercise”, “healthy eating” etc. they instantly cringe. They associate it with hours of boring, tiresome trips to the gym and depriving themselves of all foods besides kale and grilled chicken. It is viewed as something we HAVE to do rather than something we WANT to do and, due to this association, we inevitably give up on it. 

My approach is a little different, I am a firm believer in viewing fitness in a holistic manner and integrating it INTO your current lifestyle rather than having them seen as two separate entities. 

I see it as this; life is way too short to deprive yourself but your body is way too important to not take optimal care of, the key to holistic health is finding the balance between the two. You create the energy and mindset to eat well, exercise, and get things done while not sacrificing all the things you love (I’m talking to you, ice cream!). This inevitably creates lasting, sustainable habits that are easy to maintain.

Whatever your goals may be, my focus is entirely on you as an individual. All training, nutrition and exercise plans are catered to your needs specifically and can always be modified and altered at any time. 

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in any of my services or would like more info! I’m always happy to chat!