In person partner training (2-3 people)

Ready to start or enhance your fitness journey with your favorite workout buddy, spouse or coworker? Group personal training is the perfect way to spend some quality sweat time together! Whether you have similar goals or completely different, each training plan is customized to your individual needs with the added benefit of working out next to your BFF!

What you get:

  • Training plan customized to you based on your goals and needs
  • 50 minute customized in person training sessions
  • Support—unlimited messaging with me and phone calls upon request
  • Nutritional guidance-the training plan comes with basic nutrition education including macronutrient ratios,  meal suggestions, etc. and an example meal plan to help you understand how to put it all together
  • Monthly goal assessments
  • Sessions are held either at my house, clients house or outside if the weather is nice!


1 session: $70 ($35/person)

5 sessions: $350 ($175/person)

10 sessions, $580 ($290/person)

15 sessions, $750 ($375/person)

Ready to learn more or book your first sweat sesssions?! Fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to you directly!

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