Hump Day HIIT!

HUMMPPP DAYYYY HIIT! Who’s ready for this 30 minute full bod mid week rager?!!? All you need for this gem is a set of weights (5-10lbs) but if ya don’t have them, that’s okay too, I promise you’ll feel it either way 🙂

circuit 1×2

weighted kneel to jump squats x12

weighed squat pulses x 20

weighted reverse lunges x 10 each leg

high knees x 40

60 second straight arm to forearm plank holds

circuit 2×2

5 plank jacks to 5 TO squat pulses x 5

renegade rows to OH press x 8

lunge pulses x 20 each leg

lay down push ups x 10

60 second forearm plank with hip dips

circuit 3×2

burpees x 10

bicycle crunches x 30

weighted sumo squat x 15

finisher x2

mountain climbers x 30

commandos x 10

finisher x2

10 jump squats to 10 pulses