Full Body Chair Workout

Got a chair? I got a SWEAT SESH for ya!

Grab one of your kitchen chairs + do this 24 minute full body workout with me!

Circuit 1, repeat 2x 60 seconds each move

alternating leg knee ups single leg squats (30 seconds one leg then switch)

5 mountain climbers x 2 push ups

elevated plank oblique twists

bulgarian split squats (60 seconds EACH leg)

Circuit 2, 4 minute AMRAP, repeat 2x

tricep dips x 15

elevated leg sit ups x 15

elevated commandos x 4 (each arm) + 10 second high plank

Circuit 3, 60 seconds each move, O N E & D O N E !

Right leg all fours hamstring pulses (knee stays above chair the entire time) directly followed by right leg all fours straight leg toe taps. Repeat moves on left leg