Benefits of lunges + how to perform them correctly

Benefits of lunges + how to perform them correctly

Today we’re talking about another OG strength move>> L U N G E S

Similar to squats, lunges are a great functional move, they’re super versatile + can target different muscle groups based on the type you perform and they can be performed anywhere + modified for any fitness level. Lunges are also a unilateral exercise (single arm + leg movements) which helps prevent overtraining by working each side of the body equally. Unilateral moves also help to increase mobility and balance by making your spine and core work harder to maintain stability and help to isolate + correct muscle imbalances. 

Okaayyy so i know i said squats are the GOAT, but mayyybeee there can be two?! Lunges rank pretty high on the “Amanda’s fav moves” list but the key is performing them correctly! Let’s break down how we do em!

To perform your basic lunge:

  • You want to start out with your hips square, shoulders back + core engaged
  • Step forward with one leg keeping your hips SQUARE the entire time. This is a huge mistake I see a lot. Your legs should always remain parallel to each other throughout the entire movement so be sure to check in with your back knee to ensure it is not directly behind your front leg!
  • Front knee should be in alignment with your shin and both legs should be as close to a 90 degree angle as your ROM allows. 
  • Your shoulders should be back and the crown of your head reaching up towards the sky.
  • Press up with the ball of your front foot to bring your leg back to your starting position + repeat! 
  • You want to make sure you master the basic forward + reverse lunge variations before mixing it up with side lunges, curtsy lunges, walking, weighted, elevated etc. but once you feel confident, the lunge variations are endless! 

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