About me

Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Amanda, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA), cycle and barre instructor and lover of snacks, wine and pretending to be Joanna Gaines. Born and raised a New England girl, I live in New Hampshire with my husband, Drew, our sweet 2 year old little girl, Emory and our equally sweet goldendoodle, Freddy. We are also adding onto our squad this August with the addition of a little baby boy!

My website has two facets to it; my personal training and holistic nutritionist business which includes online + in-person options, monthly workout programs that are structured to fit all fitness levels, fitness and nutrition blog posts + an array of free workout videos for you to enjoy! I also wanted to give you a glimpse into the other facets of my life, so you’ll find posts about everything from mom life, easy + healthy recipes and my favorite Amazon finds!

My approach to wellness is simple; eat mostly whole foods that you enjoy, move your body in some form every day and live your life as fully as possible.  All of my programs are catered to my individual clients and include access to recipes, workout videos, health and fitness articles and motivational tips to keep you going. 

I created my blog as an outlet for me to write about content not only on subjects that I feel I have knowledge on but also to explore the areas of my life that are currently and in the past have been foreign to me. My goal is to be able to relate to ladies (and gentlemen!) out there who are going through or have gone through similar circumstances so we can all gain a sense of camaraderie and reassurance that we are not alone!

I’ll delve into more details on all of these subjects in their individual pages. How they have affected me as a person, how I learned (and learning!) from each situation and giving you any feedback I can from past experiences. I’m certainly no expert on a lot of these things but I think it’s important and beneficial to have a forum where you can speak your truth and hope someone can relate to you!

So if you’re looking to begin or get a new outlook on your wellness journey, check out my fitness and holistic nutrition page and shoot me an email with any questions you may have! I absolutely love coaching and take pride in putting in as much effort and time in creating the best plans for my clients as my clients do in accomplishing their goals.

Or check out my blog posts and I hope you find something that you can relate to, inspires you, makes you laugh or at the very least keeps you entertained for a few minutes of your day!

Thanks for checking me out, I would love to connect with YOU!